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Let Technology Work For You

A custom solution from CIS Alaska is so much more than a dedicated appliance type NVR. Extending the standard features of recording camera footage, playback ability and video export; our rock solid Kodiak Surveillance series servers add the following benefits to your surveillance system:

  • NVR systems approach surveillance with a “one size fits all” approach, whereas a custom server can be tailor designed to fit your specific needs
  • Fully scalable to meet the demands of expanding your coverage needs, not limited to a fixed number of cameras or storage drives
  • Optomized for performance and reliability, RAID 5 and RAID 6 arrays offer fault-tolerant storage for your mission critical surveillance footage
  • No longer a real-estate wasting eye-sore, our new line of server solutions feature the new upright vertical low-profile chassis design, keeping the heart of your security system locked tight, snugly against the wall
  • Our servers all include the ability to be remotely configured, diagnosed and often repaired over the internet by a CIS Alaska technician, minimizing both costs and downtime in the event of a failure
  • Other integral systems to your security and maintenance, such as point of access, can be run simultaneously alongside our surveillance control software, adding further value to your server

Stop getting stuck with the cameras or storage options that someone else decided would work for you. Contact CIS Alaska today and let us help you take control in addressing your surveillance needs in a manner you can afford.